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Estimated Expenditure for Miss Bommini Mounika Akshaya for chess coaching and for participating in Chess Tournaments in ONE YEAR

It is common knowledge that for participation in an international tournament the budget will be around Rs 2 to 3 lakh per tournament. In case of a national tourneys, it will be around Rs 20,000/- To become a champion a chess player should play a minimum of 3 International and 10 National Tournaments.So it would be costing more than Rs 9 lakh.-.As I happen to be of average income group, it is very difficult to meet the expenses, I appeal to philanthropists for their generous sponsorshipto my daughter Maunika Akshaya, aged 11 years who is being trained under an expert coach.

Fathers Appeal

As father of my daughter Mounika Akshaya, an aspring Chess Player shaping up to grow as WOMEN GRAND MASTER, I appeal that I am a small employee in teaching field, depending only on the Salary with no other side income. I am unable to give my full support for her growth in this field. I request the helping hand of kind and rich gentlemen for her progress in this field. Interested Chess promoters can contact me.

Honors, Awards and Grants

  • 2017
    State Level - 1.State Women challengers champion at Eluru from June 24 to 26 2017.
    2. State Sub Junior girls Champion at Bobbili from August 4 to 6 2017.
    3.State Junior girls Champion at Vizag from August 7 to 9 2017.
    4. State U-17 Girls Champion at Kadapa from September 26 to 28 2017

    National Level - 1. National women challengers Under 1800 champion at Mysore from July 21 to 29 2017.
    2. National Sub Junior girls 6th place at Ahmedabad from October 1 to 9 2017
    3. National SGF 2nd is team vise not statewise
  • 2016
    State Level - 1.State women challengers champion at tirupathi from may 6 to 8 2016.
    2. State Junior girls champion at Vijayanagaram from August 12 to 14 2016.
    3. State U-17 2nd at Nellore from August 26 to 28 2016.
    4. State sub junior 2nd at Kadapa from Nov 1 to 3 2016

    National Level - 1. National SGF school games statevise 2nd and individual 1st at nalgonda from 8 to 12 2016 January.
  • 2015
    State Level - 1.1st place in Under -13 state level chess championship.
    2. 1st place in Under -15 state level chess championship.
    3.1st place in Under 14 SGF School games.

    National Level - 1. 4th place in Under-13 National Chess Championship and selected ASIAN YOUTH CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP-2016 at MONGOLIA on Date 05-04-2016 to 15-04-2016., WORLD YOUTH CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP-2016 at RUSSIA Date 01-09-2016 to 15-09-2016.
    2. Bronze Medal won in National School Chess Championship at Goa.

    Asian Level - 1. 6th place in Asian School Chess Championship.
  • 2014
    State Level - 2nd Place in Andhra Pradesh State Open Chess Competition (Warangal)
    1st Place Under-11 in A.P. State Open & Girls Chess Championship (Vizag)
    3rd Place in Open category in A.P. State Women Challenger Chess Championship (Ramachandrapuram) and selected for National women challenger chess championship at Goa from September 5th to 15th.

    National Level - 1st Place in Under-11 & 17th Place in Open category All India Fide Rating Tournament (Tirupathi)
    1st Place in Under -12 & 24th Place in Open Category in 9th KCF Fide Rating Chess Tournament (Chennai)
    4th Place in Under-11 in National School Games (New Delhi)
    1st Place in Under-12 in 4th International Fide Rating Chess Tournament (Chennai)
    10th Place in Under-11 National Tournament (Odissa, Puri)

    World Level - Gold Medal in Under-11 in 10th Asian Schools Chess Championships (Taiwan, China). WCM Title is awarded.
    Silver Medal in Under-11 in 10 th world schools chess championships at Brazil from November 25th to December 5th.
  • 2013
    District Level - Under-11, Under-13,Under-15 Girls First place
    State Level - Second place in Under-11 girls, 3rd place in under-13 girls,15th place in Womens-B Chess Championships

    National Level - 22nd place under-11 Nationals(New Delhi),,First Place under-10 Girls Rapid Chess Tournamene,1st palce Under-10 Girls Fide Rating Tournament(hyderabad),5th Place under-14 girls School games federation,Silver Medal Under-10 Girls National School Games(Chennai)

    Asian Level - Under-10 Asian Youth Chess Championship(Iran)
    Rapid- 5th Place
    Standard- 7th Place

    Blidz- 8th Place

    World Level - Gold Medal Under-10 Girls Srilanka International Tournament, Under-10 World Youth Chess Championship(AL AIN UAE)
    Blidz - 26 th Place

    Standard - 40 Th Place
  • 2012
    District Level - Under-9,Under-11, Under-13,Under-15 Girls First place

    State Level - Second place in Under-9 girls, 1st place in under-11 girls,10th place in Womens-B Chess Championships

    National Level - 3rd place in under-9 girls(Gujarat), 1st place under-9 girls Eroad Rating Tournament,1st place under Under-9 girls Coimbatore Rating Tournament,6th Place Under-9 Girls National School Games(new Delhi),1st Place Under-9 Girls Hyderbad Rating Tournament,1st Place Under-11 Girls Sree Praksah All India Rating Tournament,Silver Medal Under-14 girls School Games fedaration(Mumbai)

    Asian Level - 8th place in under-9 girls Common Wealth Games(Chennai),Two Bronze Medals under-9 girls Asian School Games
  • 2011
    District Level - Under-9,Under-11, Under-13,Under-15 Girls First place

    State Level - Third place in Under-9 girls, 5th Place in Sub junior girls, 5th place in under-11 girls,8th place in under-13 girls, 5th place in under-17 girls

    National Level - 27th place in under-9 girls(New Delhi)

    Asian Level - 8th place in under-9 girls Asian School Games(NEW DELHI)

    World Level - 19th place under-8 girls World Youth Chess Championship(Brazil)
  • 2010
    District Level - Under-7,Under-9,Under-11, Under-13 Girls First place

    State Level - First place in Under-7 girls, Ninth Place in Under-9 Girls,6th Place in State Junior Chess Championship girls

    National Level - 9th place in under-7 girls(Jamshedpur)
  • 2009
    District Level - Under-7,Under-9,Under-11, Under-13,Under-15 Girls First place

    State Level - Seventh place in Under-7 girls, Eighth Place in Under-9 Girls,9th place in Under-11 girls,5th Place in Under-15 girls

    National Level - 15th place National womens-B Championship(Hyderabad),26th place in under-7 girls(Gujarat)
  • 2008
    District Level - Under-7,Under-9,Under-11 Girls First place

    State Level - Third place in Under-7 girls

    National Level - Not played